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Light Duty Towing

professional light duty towing

Are you stuck on the side of the road after stopping on the side of the road to check on a strange sound that you heard coming from your car? Our crew can assist you with towing your small vehicle to safety so that it can get the help it needs. Our fleet of light-duty towing trucks is always ready and waiting for your call before they jump into action. This type of towing service is essential to roadside assistance callouts. This is the ideal service if you have any of the following; flat tires, jump starts, engine stall, and more.

Which Vehicles Qualify

Are you on the side of the road and are wondering whether your vehicle qualifies for our light duty towing service? When you call to request a towing service, our customer care team will help you with this decision and make sure that you get the correct towing service that you need. If your vehicle is anything from a car or an SUV to a van, or pickup trucks to small trailers then you would fall into this service. If you have a motorcycle and are worried that we do not cater to your towing needs, don't worry as we have you covered.

Tow Trucks

Here at Fort Myers Towing & Recovery, our light duty towing trucks assist us massively in helping our clients with their towing needs. These tow trucks are agile and highly dependable and will get the job done efficiently. If your vehicle is stuck in a parking garage and is need of towing service, don’t worry. Our light duty tow trucks are able to get into any parking garage with a clearance of 6 feet and 6 inches. Our towing trucks are equipped with two different types of towing techniques that are able to get any passenger vehicle towing job done.

Heavy Duty vs Light Duty

You may be wondering what the difference between heavy and light duty towing is or even if there is any. Light duty towing is generally for passenger vehicles, small trailers, and motorcycles. While heavy-duty towing is for the much bigger loads. Heavy-duty towing trucks are usually seen towing garbage trucks, dump trucks, shipping containers, and semi-truck trailers. Different techniques are required in each as the load of the towing job is much bigger. Light duty towing trucks are smaller and can maneuver into tighter spaces.

Hook and Chain

If you are curious as to what types of different towing techniques that our crew uses for our light duty towing service, we are here to fill that curiosity that you have. One of the techniques that we use regularly is the hook and chain technique. This technique requires a hook to be secured to the tow hitch of a vehicle and is then lifted to the point where only there are only two wheels remaining on the ground during transport. If it is a short distance that we are traveling, this is what our staff will use.